History of AFD

  • AFD is an extension of Prime Minister’s office for promulgation of policies, issuing Government approval for armed forces deployment and coordination between services headquarters.
  • This Office has undergone a number of structural as well as status changes since its inception in1978.
  • This was raised as Commander-in-Chief's Secretariat in December 1978 under Ministry of Defense.
  • After 8 years, on 10 November 1986, it was renamed as Supreme Command Headquarters under the same Ministry.
  • After another 3 years, in 1989, this office was given the status of a Division and was renamed as Supreme Command Headquarters Division and started functioning like other Ministries. At the same time, its affiliation was separated from the Ministry of Defense and included in the Rules of Business of the Government.
  • In 1991, after the change of Government from Presidential system to Parliamentary system, Supreme Command Headquarters Division was renamed as Armed Forces Division and its businesses were reallocated.
  • In October 1998, the Table of Organization & Equipment of Armed Forces Division was revised into present setup.
  • The role of the Armed Forces Division has changed since it was integrated into Hon’ble Prime Minister's Office. Originally, as Supreme Command Headquarters, it had only general authority over the Services. But after being incorporated into Hon’ble Prime Minister's Office, it acquired the ministerial status to deal with the rest of the ministries on equal footing.
  • Today it is a principal Government organ for the coordination of all operational matters as well as important administrative matters relating to Armed Forces. It has the authority, direction and control over Services on operational and administrative matter under the direct supervision and guidance of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. As per government notification, PSO is entrusted to perform the duties of a full fledged Secretary with full administrative and financial authority as that of a Secretary in any other Division / Ministry.