Officers in AFD

SerialAppointmentRank and NameTelephoneArmy Ext 
PSO Office
1. PSO Lieutenant General Md Mahfuzur Rahman, rcds, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD 9834320    
2. PS to PSO (Acting) Sqn Ldr Ashiqur Rahman Mallick, GD (P) 9834322    
Ops & Plan Directorate
3. DG (Ops & Plan) Brig Gen Azazul Bar Chowdhury, ndu, psc 9834330    
4.  Col Staff Col Towhidul Ahmed, afwc, psc, Inf  9834324
5. GSO-1 (BNACWC) Lt Col Md Zakaria Hossain,psc,G,Arty 9834306    
6. GSO-1(CIT) Lt Col Ekram Ahmed Bhuyan, afwc, psc, Sigs  9834334    
7. GSO-1(Jt Ops) Lt Col Raju Ahmed, afwc,psc,Inf 9834332    
8. GSO-1 (P & P) Lt Col Shah Zulfikar Ali, afwc, psc, Arty 9834338    
9. GSO-1 (FAP) Lt Col Mohammad Rafiqul Hasan, psc, G+, Arty. 9834336    
10. GSO-2 (Plan) Lt Cdr Ali Haider Chowdhury,(TAS), BN 9834354    
11. GSO-2 (FA-1)   9834350    
12. GSO-2 (Comm)   9834346    
13. GSO-2 (Army) Jt Ops  Maj S M Safiqur Rahman, psc, Engrs 9834340    
14. GSO-2 (Proj)   9834356    
15. GSO-2 (FA-2)  Lt Cdr Ehsan Ahmed, (G), BN 9834342    
16. GSO-2 (TC) Sqn Ldr Sanjida Sultana,Engg 9834352    
17. GSO-2 (Air) Jt Ops Sqn Ldr Mohammad Abdullah Al Mafuz, GD(P) 9834344    
18.   GSO-2 Chemist Maj Md Rokonujaman Khan, AEC 9834328    
19. GSO-2(BNACWC) Instr. Lt Cdr Lutfunnar, BN 9834308    
20. GSO-2 Plan(Air) Sqn Ldr Salehuddin Ahmed Russel, Log 9835225    
21. GSO-2 Navy(Jt Ops)  Lt Cdr Meer Baizid Hossain, (G), BN 9834342    
Intelligence Directorate
22. DG (Int) Brig Gen Monirul Islam Akhand, ndc, psc 9834280    
23.  Col Staff Capt Sayed Helal Hossain,(C),psc, BN  9834282    
24. GSO-1 (I&EA) Wg Cdr Md Mesbah-Us-Sattar, ADWC 9834288    
25.  GSO-1 (Mil & Spl OPS) Lt Col Md Mustafa Jabed, psc,Inf 9834284    
26. GSO-2 (I A) Maj Muhammad Munirul Islam Bhuiyan, psc, ASC 9834348    
27.  GSO-2 (Mil & Spl OPS) Lt Cdr Mohammad Assaduzzaman, (ND),BN 9834286    
28. GSO-2 (EA)  Lt Cdr Meer Baizid Hossain, (G), BN 9834290    
Training Directorate
29. DG (Trg) Air Cdre Muhammad Nazrul Islam, BSP, nswc, afwc,psc 9834360    
30.  Col Staff Col Md Shariful Islam, SPP, psc, G+  9834314    
31. GSO-1(Army Trg) Lt Col Ferdous Arif Ahmed, psc, AC 9834362    
32. GSO-1 (NT) Cdr A H M Mahbubor Rahman, (N), psc, BN 9834364    
33. GSO-1(Air Trg) Wg Cdr Sheikh Sazzad Hossain, GD (N) 9833226    
34. GSO-1(jt & Misc Trg) Lt Col Md Shawkat Osman, afwc, psc, Inf      
34 GSO-2 (Jt & Misc Trg  Lt Cdr M M Mahmudul Hasan Shourov, (ND), BN  9836012    
35. GSO-2 (Air Trg)    9834368    
Admin & Logistics Directorate
36. DG (A & L)  Brig Gen Abdul Quayyum Mollah, ndc, psc  9834380    
37.  Col Staff  Gp Capt Md Moinul Hasnain, BUP, psc,Engg   9834318    
38. GSO-1 (Proc)  Lt Col Md Munirul Islam, psc,ord   9834384
39. GSO-1 (Admin)  Lt Col Muhammad Saifur Rahman, afwc, psc, Engrs  9834382    
40. CSO-1 (Budget/Fin)  Wg Cdr Mizanur Rahman,psc, Fin.  9834318    
41. GSO-2 (Log)  Maj Md Mamunor Rashid Khan, EME  9834396    
42. GSO-2 (Proc-Army)  Maj Md Sharif Hasan, Ord.  9834390    
43. GSO-2 (Admin-1)  Maj Md Mahbub Murshed Rahman, psc, Arty  9834386    
44. GSO-2(Admin-2)  Sqn Ldr Tajib Adnan Chowdhury, GD (P) 9833243    
45. GSO-2 (Legal)  Maj Md Faisal Mukhlesy, JAG 9834388    
46. GSO-2(Air Proc)  Sqn Ldr Mir Ahsan Tariq, Engg. 9834394    
47. GSO-2 (Navy Proc)  Lt Cdr M Naimul Hoque, (S), BN 8713391    
Civil Military Rrelations Directorate
48. DG (CMR) Cdre Sheikh Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad, (G), NGP, ndc, psc,BN 9834370    
49.  Col Staff  Col A K M Sazedul Islam, afwc, psc, G  9834316    
50. GSO-1 (CL) Wg Cdr Md Mostafa Kamal, psc, ATC 9834374    
51. GSO-1 (Media) Cdr Mohmmad Shaheen Majeed,(G),psc,BN 9834392    
52. GSO-1 (P&C) Lt Col Muquit Mahamud, SPP, psc, AC 9834372    
53. GSO-2 (P & C)   9834376    
54. GSO-2 (CL) Maj Mohammod Mushfiqur Rahman, psc, Arty 9834378    
55. CSO-2 (DD ISPR) Md Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan 9834316    
Admin Company
56. OC Admin Coy Maj Md Akhtaruzzaman Khan, Inf 9834310    
PMO Relief Godown
57. OC Tran Vander Maj Md Nazmul Haque, E Bengal 9117328    

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